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Forest Stewardship Council® FSC-C155638, FSC-C154001 hybrid audits

20 September 2021
Having received the Forest Stewardship Council® certificates in March 2020, our company had to undergo the annual surveillance audit in December 2020. It was a hybrid audit, due to COVID-19, including video conferences with leading auditors from Bulgaria and offline communication with a Russian-speaking local expert at our production site and forest units. Thanks to the fact that we have established all the necessary mechanisms and procedures, as well as the fact that the staff is regularly trained, we’ve succeeded in confirming compliance with Forest Stewardship Council® standards and principles.
We have 15 leased plots, which makes it rather difficult to certify them all at once. However, we are aiming to gradually expand the scope of the certificate and in May and July 2021 we certified two more sites, successfully passing the Chain of Custody (COC) and Forest Management (FM) audits. Once again, our team demonstrated a decent level, and we confirmed that we manage forests responsibly, with benefits for the environment, society and economy.


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