Forest management plan

23 March 2019

Documents defining a strategy for the use, securoty, protection and reproduction of forests and other natural resources of a certain territory and a detailed action plan for the coming years.

The documents provide a description of the forests located in this territory, calculate and justify the volumes of annual forest use, indicate the territorial distribution of wood harvesting sites by years, describe methods of wood harvesting, measures for reforestation, forest conservation and protection, road construction.

Plans were developed based on forest inventory materials taking into account other available materials. The main documents in forest management planning are the forestry regulations (for the forestry area) and the forest development project (for lease plots). In addition, part of the plan may change other management documents of the enterprise (strategy, policies, instructions).

Forest management plans of the DOTS group of companies have been developed for a period of 10 years (from 2019 to 2029) to supplement the existing Forest Founding Project (2019-2028) in accordance with the Forest Code of the Russian Federation, Forest Plan of the Bryansk Region, forestry regulations of the State Public Institution of the Bryansk Region “ Zhukovsky Forestry ”, forest lease agreements, Timber harvesting rules and other regulatory documents, and procedures guidelines.


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