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Received Forest Stewardship Council® FM/COC certificates

1 April 2020

In March 2020, Group of companies ‘DOTS’ was issued with certificate of Forest Stewardship Council® in field of Forest Management (FM) and Chain of Custody (COC), which is valid until 2025. As many international markets are switching to a more responsible business activity, ‘DOTS’ has gone through a long-term preparation and adaptation of various changes, as all stages require careful planning and consideration. We have prepared our sites in accordance with best forest practice and national standards.

We have certified a part of our forestry areas and planning to enlarge and implement the requirements in the next audit, which is going to be in the next year. We have clearly separated our production from Forest Stewardship Council® - certified and non-certified in our supply chain and have its proper management. Certification provides the mechanism for proving that these high standards have been applied. It provides the evidence supported by a formal internationally recognized process to show that forest operations have indeed been carried out to the required standards. Thereby, ’DOTS’ is having a clear competitive advantage over other companies, that release wooden products. Moreover, it is a great way to promoter our products!

Currently we are focusing on achieving long-term, sustained productivity from forests without intervention to socio-economic well-being.

The validity of certificate shall be verified on https://info.fsc.org/certificate.php.


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