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Remote Audit - ENplus and DINplus certification schemes

15 September 2020

This month we have held our first remote inspection due to COVID-19 circumstances, which was an interesting and at the same time challenging experience for us. We have prepared on a high level with the annual retraining, improving our laboratory where we have added the Ash Content Analyzer. It is an additional way to assess our production and record the results on a day-to-day basis. The inspection was involving the video recording of the plant, demonstration of the appropriate ways of sampling and their verification by the prescribed methods

DIN CERTCO – was in charge of the inspection and our sample (15 kg bag) has been sent to the world-leading international laboratory EUROFINS in Germany and we are currently waiting for the results. Thus, soon we will update our lab report and receive fresh and satisfying both parties results. It is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our excellence in the industry, as well as the high standard of production in the competitive market. DOTS puts the quality first and considers it as one of the main competitive advantages of the company.

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