Edged and
unedged timber

We are specialising in producing ecvologically-friendly, reliable and accesible lumber, which can. Be used for furniture, small architectural shapes, planking the roofs and others.

and drying of wood

The innovative technology of wood modification developed by the DOTS Ltd. group of companies, the process of drying and impregnating the material with special compounds, as a result, the wood becomes not affected by various insects, is resistant to rotting processes, fireproof, and durable.

Organization of transport and product declaration

Easing your business activity through dealing with difficulties of export deliveries, such as transportation costs, risks and volatility, international trade expenses. We are able to help you to save money on export process and sell your goods right in time

Production of certified wooden pellets accroding to strandards

Our production is released for the international market, complies with all regualtions and requirements of quality control.

The whole technological process guarantrees running within specified limits, as well as ensuring following the standards and prioritizng sadety.

Our company promotes certification and ensures the excellence of production

Balance between competitve price and following cutomers' specification

More than 14 countries-partners, 58 various released brands.
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