Purchased a KOMATSU logging complex

3 July 2021
KOMATSU FOREST is a reputable brand which has been at the market since 1961 and ensures the quality of the equipment and works. The logging complex includes a harvester and a forwarder. A harvester is a multipurpose forestry equipment that performs various operations - delimbing, clearing or selective felling of trees, bundling assortments, etc. It allows us to refuse additional equipment, while providing safe, high-quality and efficient logging. A forwarder is a heavy tractor intended for self-loading and transportation of harvested wood.
This machine has an increased carrying capacity and cross-country ability. Our company uses KOMATSU forwarder with carrying capacity of 20t.
KOMATSU logging complex provides up to 6000 cubic meters of timber per month which allows us to maintain high productivity and ensure a reliable supply of natural material.
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