Group of timber

Why choosing ‘DOTS’

wood pellets?

The natural heating material is made from pure, dry sawdust and wood chippings

Native coniferous wood from the region obtained entirely from sustainable forestry practice.

Low-dust levels, clean, fast and easy to refill.


Important events, implementation of new standards on the manufactures.
14 December 2019

In October 2019, there was held an audit for recertification ENplus A1 & DINplus standards of our plant, that DOTS has successful completed. Our team has demonstrated professional conformance with the international regulations. During audit managers and employees performing the tests showed adequate knowledge of the procedure, as well as the understanding of the methodology and purpose of internal testing.

11 December 2019

The procedure establishes the requirements for processing complaints in order to fulfill the requirements of the standard FSC-STD-40-004 V3 of LLC “DOTS” and LLC “DOTS PLUS”. This instruction applies to complaints from customers and consumers, as well as to employees of the department involved in registering complaints and taking corrective actions. When considering a complaint, competent employees of the enterprise, directly related to the subject of the complaint, as well as interested representatives of the parties participate.

23 March 2019

Documents defining a strategy for the use, securoty, protection and reproduction of forests and other natural resources of a certain territory and a detailed action plan for the coming years. The documents provide a description of the forests located in this territory, calculate and justify the volumes of annual forest use, indicate the territorial distribution of wood harvesting sites by years, describe methods of wood harvesting, measures for reforestation, forest conservation.

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