Recertification ENplus A1 & DINplus

14 December 2019

In October 2019, there was held an audit for recertification ENplus A1 & DINplus standards of our plant, that DOTS has successful completed. Our team has demonstrated professional conformance with the international regulations. Below are mentioned the highlights from the inspection:

During audit managers and employees performing the tests showed adequate knowledge of the procedure (i.e. what to do when internal test reveals nonconformity), as well as the understanding of the methodology and purpose of internal testing - confirmed through interviews with quality manager and staff and observation of sample testing.

Company uses automatic additive tray, starch is added by screw conveyor with remotely controlled speed. The system was inspected and explained by shift operator during site visit. Records of starch dosing are available on shift production reports as amount of starch / amount of pellet produced during shift (sample attached) The system has not changed since last inspection.

The emission test has shown 45,95 gCO2: per kg packed pellet GHG file attached in CUSI

Company has implemented internal testing procedure. Every 30 minutes the operator visually checks the pellets under all three presses for the occurrence of long granules. Every 4 hours the sample is taken after the cooler and examined for physical parameters. If any parameters are found nonconform, the buffer silo where pellets are collected after cooler is emptied into bigbags.

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